Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sleepover and Awesome Random Smoothie

Greetings from a wet and gray Anchorage! We've dropped off all but one grandkid (one is staying for another week) and are hanging here until Phil's nephew and his girlfriend show up on Saturday. Of course, there's a whole raft of beloved folks to visit here in town, as well as the treat of the Northern Renaissance Arts and Sciences Series of public readings associated with the University of Alaska at Anchorage's low-residency MFA program meeting. Lucky timing! Having been on the road all day yesterday and crazy-busy before that, I might actually get in two posts today just to try to catch up.

A few nights ago, the two youngest girls wanted to camp out with us.
Our tent isn't exactly palatial: even with just Phil and me in there, it's fairly tight. With two little girls in there as well, it was more than snug.
Now imagine that I had to slot in on the right of the pic!
We were teasing Phil and I caught him on camera with his 'cross face.'
That photo cracks me up so much--a treasure.

The next day, somewhat short on sleep , I got home after a morning with the gang, with a bunch of writing and work to do. I was _starving_, it was a cold and rainy day, and I didn't have much fresh fruit at home, so a smoothie would have involved a lot of frozen fruit. On the way home, I was going back and forth, back and forth--smoothie or potatoes and salad?
I checked mail on the way home and a package had arrived from the Raw Food World. Chilly as I was, that definitely pushed the decision toward the smoothie side. And it turned out to be awesome!
I put about a half cup of warm water in the blender, and threw in a handful each of frozen cherries and frozen mango. Maybe about a cup each?
I added a small handful of goji berries. 
The coconut sugar that I'd bought from the Raw Food World had leaked a little bit in transit, so I put the 'tidy-up scrapings' in the blender too.
I added a tablespoon of lucuma (haven't had it for about three years, was excited that it was on sale),
A tablespoon of maca,
half a scoop of pea protein powder,
a tablespoon of Amazing Grass chocolate flavored green powder
There was a free sample of Ormus supergreens with my order, so I threw that in too.

The smoothie was delicious, and eat-with-a-spoon puddingy from the gojis. And despite the frozen fruit, it wasn't too cold! That's way more ingredients than my smoothies have boasted of late, and it was delicious without being overly complex.
Only trouble was, I finished it and could easily have had twice as much! I often seem to have that problem when I fix a smoothie--I underestimate how much I'm going to want (and then get into a weird funky space about how 'that should have been enough').

I urge you to try this smoothie, or some similar variation: random though it was, and slightly insufficient volume-wise as it was, it really hit the spot. I think I ate a carrot and drank some water and was fine.

Do you over- or underestimate serving sizes? What do you do if you finish a portion of something and are still hungry?
Don't you love Phil's cross face?
More soon...