Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Intentions--Choosing a Calendar, What to Blog About

2012 settles in! Yesterday and today have been perfect illustrations of how, in many ways, "New Year's Days"are just like any other day. I mentioned in my exploding chia story that the day had gotten away from me: so, too have the last couple. Between a wonderful meeting of one of my Writing Groups, writing, trying to tidy up a bit, a meetup with a friend I haven't seen in way too long, and continuing to teach myself how to teach this imminent course, all the edges of time are taut.

So, before things get any farther away from me, I want to share some intentions for this year. I notice that last year, I didn't do this until January 4th, so maybe we're about on track! This year, with a separate recap post, I think I made it Last year, my intention was to be an excellent 'reviewer:' to look back as well as forward, to complete tasks. I feel that I had moderate success with this. I kept alive or resurrected drafts from old notebooks. I got better at cleaning house (although I still haven't gotten that back under control since my Israel trip--too far behind on it and too busy with other things)! The MFA program helps me with this constant review process, but it also constantly impels me forward.

So much for that 'review:' this year, I want to start by contrasting my pocket calendars of last year and this.
I really covet one of those "We-moon" calendars, that's the truth of it. But I can't seem to justify the expense and general extravagance/bigness of one. I guess I'm working up to it. Last year, I promised myself a 'nice' calendar, like one with Rumi quotations. And I ended up buying the dollar-fifty one from the grocery store.

This year, I got a 'nice' one. It says, "Live with intention." It says, "you're beautiful." It says many beautiful and uplifting things, many calls to remember that we can choose to be here for a reason. It also only has one page per week, instead of two like the old one, but I'll make it work--I have tiny handwriting!
If I did exactly as my Naturopath and therapist said, my intention for this year would be "Consistency." But I'm feeling so much resistance to that! And I know why: it's because I don't know that "consistency" in all things would necessarily make me a better writer. So it's obvious that my intention for this year must be "Do whatever I need to do to become a better writer." Some of that is consistency. Some of it is continuing to participate in writing groups and generally being a literary citizen, offering feedback on others' work and sending my own out into the world for the same. A large bulk of it is carving out the time to write, no matter how busy I am with other things--but some of it is also knowing when to take a break from writing.

As soon as I express this intention, I feel some guilt: that surely I should be saying "whatever will make me a kinder/more loving person." Let me lay that guilt to rest by stating that I do wish to be/become kinder, more loving, more considerate; to take good enough care of myself that I don't flip out, that I wish to be acutely sensitive enough that I can give people what they need but not so sensitive that I'm cowering in a corner from all the ghosts and energies everywhere!

Meanwhile, in keeping with my exploration of "going light" and also defying gravity on the rebounder, I want to explore "lightness," in its many senses.
I intend to write about all these things: I'm excited to write more about poems and poetry.
What about food, and food writing?
There were plenty of food pictures in my 2011 recap, but what I didn't mention was that this year has been the one I've felt the least 'involved' in food creativity. Sure, I've continued to create, but it feels like much of my creative energy has been going into things I would never eat and thus wouldn't care to share on here so much. Last year, I was still writing my 80% Raw Magazine column also, but that seems to have gone by the wayside now, so I'm feeling less and less connected with the whole nutritional movement, even though I know that I'm very knowledgeable and have good observations to share.

Where does that leave me in terms of what I talk about on this blog? As I said, I'm excited to write more about poetry, and I hope my foodie readers will indulge me in that. However, I don't think it's realistic to imagine that I'll simply stop posting recipes or food talk altogether. Since I enjoy creating and writing about food more than eating it, surely it'll be my pleasure to continue writing about it here.

Another thing that can't possibly change is the place-related content, portraying this wild and beautiful place where I would never have expected to live.

I'm so grateful for my blog as a place in which to be accountable and responsible as well as a place in which I can give and share. I've felt that it's helped me to be a better person many time over the past year. My sincerest intention is that it continue to serve that purpose among others.
I plan to continue not to insist on a daily post. I plan, loosely, a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, with the possibility of at least one weekend post and more weekdays ad lib. Says she, posting on a Tuesday!

I so appreciate everyone who reads this, and would love to hear from you if there are specific things you would like to write more about.
Much love and best wishes for the year!